Long-term Spanish course in Cartagena (Murcia), Spain

Funcarele offers regular long-term Spanish courses mainly for residents of the area or long-stay foreigners. These courses are taught throughout the year, available in the morning or afternoon, two days a week, two hours a day. Occasionally, we can offer 3 hours of class, two days a week.

The duration of our courses can be adapted to your needs and you can study in one month blocks at any time of the year. You will study in reduced sized groups of a maximum of 12 people and you will speak Spanish from day one. At the conclusion of your studies you will receive an attendance certificate, and /or an achievement certificate if you fulfil the minimum attendance requirements and pass the final exam.

If you wish to book as a group, we can prepare a specially designed private course for you, taking into account your needs and wishes.

Long term Spanish course

  • Number of hours:

    4 or 6 hours weekly, 2 or 3 days per week.

  • Courses begin:

    Please get in touch for details.

  • Ideal for you if:

    you are a temporary or permanent resident in Cartagena and the surrounding area.

  • Levels available:

    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

  • Duration of each session:

    50 minutes.

  • Price:

    120 euros per month (4 hours per week) or 180 euros a month (6 hours per week), plus 50 euros registration fee and student materials.

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