• How long does a complete course last?You choose the duration of your course. You can book a course from 1 week to half a year or more. If you are interested in booking a course for a longer period than those shown on the pricelist, then please contact us to request a quote.
  • Can I book a course for next week?In order to guarantee a place on one of our courses, then you would need to book at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course. If you would like to start a course within the next 2 weeks, please contact us to check availability.
  • What is the form of payment?The course must be paid for in advance via our bank account, by credit card or in cash.
  • I don´t live in an English speaking country, can I book on the course regardless?You can book onto a course from any part of the world. We can deal with your enquiries in English, Spanish or Russian. Please ensure that you have the correct documentation (student visa etc.) to be able to participate in the course and come to Spain. If you have any questions with regards to this, please contact us.
  • Does the school charge management fees?No, the Foundation doesn´t charge management fees. The fees paid are course fees, board and lodging and course materials. You will only be charged an administrative fee if requiring help with a visa (postal fees, telephone calls, notary fees etc.)
  • What is the duration of a lesson?The duration of a lesson is 50 minutes. Skype classes online last for 55 minutes.
  • Can I recuperate missed classes?Missed classes can only be recuperated if we receive 24 hours advance notice. If you are partaking in group classes, the tutorials can be used to give information about the content taught during your absence.
  • What is the DELE?The DELE is the only internationally recommended Spanish language certificate and is awarded by the Cervantes Institute. You can undertake the preparation course with us and register in the examining centre nearest to the school (Universities of Alicante or Murcia). Visit www.diplomas.cervantes.es for more information about the DELE and the Cervantes Institute.
  • Are there classes in the evening?The evening classes are normally those of longer duration or private classes. Consult the options in the centre administrative office.
  • What other languages are taught in the centre?As an examining centre for Trinity College, London, Funcarele offers English classes in preparation for the Trinity exams.
  • Where can I park?As the school is situated in the pedestrian centre of Cartagena it would be impossible to park by the door. We suggest that cars be left in the free university parking area in front of the former bullring, a 5 minute walk from the Centre. There are also various paid parking alternatives nearby. The nearest are in the marine port area or in Calle Real.

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