Spanish course ONLINE with Skype

Even if you can´t come to Spain, there is no need to stop learning Spanish or practising the learning acquired formerly. You can connect from your computer, tablet or mobile, at home, from the office, or whilst you are on holiday.

Sitting at the computer screen, you will connect with a real native teacher who also works in our school, with many years of experience and specific skills to teach Spanish online. Technological innovation allows us to use the computer screen as a board and there is a variety of online resources to make your classes very interactive and interesting, just like real face to face classes.

We offer individual online classes, with a flexible schedule according to your availability. You can choose whether to use a webcam or not, but you will need a microphone and speakers (or headphones).

Available for all levels and types of courses (general Spanish, conversation, DELE preparation or other exams, courses for Spanish teachers, Business Spanish, Spanish for tourism, etc.).

Request a free 30 min class now to discover the high quality of our Spanish classes online for yourself.

Spanish course ONLINE

  • Number of hours:

    As many as required.

  • Courses begin:

    As required.

  • Ideal for you if:

    you can´t get to Cartagena to study Spanish. All you need is to have a Skype account and the desire to learn Spanish.

  • Levels available

    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

  • Duration of each academic hour:

    55 minutes.

  • Price:

    23 euros per hour (21 euros per hour for 10 or more lessons).

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