ISE (Integrated Skills in English examinations)

RECOMMENDED: These exams are multi-competence ( four disciplines) in which the candidate must demonstrate their ability to read, write, understand and speak in real life situations.

These differ from other exams in that the candidates undertake real life tasks in English, not purely academic exercises: for this reason it is necessary to pass the oral element which represents 50% of the final marks. More information here.

Preparation course

At Funcarele we offer a preparation course for ISE I, ISE II and ISE III. Click here for more information.


To register, you only have to fill the Registration Form.

The exams will be held in the installations of the Cartagena Polytechnic University (Faculty of Business Studies, Language Services.)

You can find further support information, including videos of actual tests for all levels on the official website of Trinity College London.

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