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Do you need help preparing for the Dele exam? FUNCARELE is offering an “online professor” service for DELE preparation at home.

If you are serious about preparing yourself for the DELE exam (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) and want to be sure that you are doing well, a new ONLINE DELE TUTORING COURSE is right for you. This course consists of a personalized tutoring with a native Spanish speaker, expert at DELE examinations, who will be at your disposal during the whole program to help answer any of your questions, to help correct your writing and to help you prepare for the oral exam. Your teacher will also show you a range of useful examination techniques to pass the exam successfully.

The DELE exam is the only official title recognized by the Spanish Government and which, as a consequence, constitutes the only reference used to evaluate knowledge and competence in Spanish at national and international level. Currently all DELE Diplomas have been redesigned following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

All our Spanish teachers are native speakers with vast experience and all necessary training courses to teach the NEW DELE levels.

Three examination sessions are scheduled each year, in May, August and November.

You can register for the DELE examinations through the worldwide network of authorized examination centres. The DELE examinations are carried out in all Cervantes Institutes and in the wide network of DELE examination centres, among which are, for example, universities, Spanish teaching centres, academies, embassies and consulates. There are currently more than 700 centres in over 100 countries. Find the DELE examination center in your country  here.

Since August session in 2013, new levels B1 and B2 have been changed and the format of  tests has been improved.

Online DELE preparation course description:

DELE online preparationOur DELE ONLINE TUTORING, is an exclusive preparation course for DELE examination, programmed in e-learning platform (moodle), through which we will provide you with all the news and resources you will need to prepare the DELE exam by yourself: information about new models of DELE tests, audio-visual resources, grammatical and lexical exercises, activities, conversation classes, etc.

The DELE ONLINE preparation lasts for one month and begins the month before the official examination.

Throughout the month you can leave an unlimited number of writings in the course platform, ask your questions and doubts, chat with other students, practice with real DELE test of the last years, etc. You will receive your teacher’s response with all the markings and explanations within a maximum of 48 hours.  To prepare the oral part for DELE test you will have 240 minutes with a private tutor using the free Skype program. You can distribute these four hours in sessions of 15 min., 30 min., 45 min., or 60 min., according to your needs and possibilities.

Registration for DELE online preparation course:

For the call of August, the course registration deadline is June 24 to July 21.
For the November session, the course registration deadline is September 23 to October 20.

Dates for DELE online preparation:

From 22 July to 22 August.
From October 21 to November 21.

Examination dates for DELE sessions:

Examinations in May 24-25. Registration between February 25 and April 19, both inclusive.
Examinations in August 23. Registration period from July 1 to July 26.
Examinations in November 22-23. Registration between September 16 and October 18.

Course fee for DELE ONLINE TUTORING: 210 EUR.
Enroll the DELE ONLINE TUTORING course here.

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