Why choose Funcarele

There are many reasons

There are many good reasons why you would choose Funcarele as your Cartagena language school.

  • Teaching of the highest standard, especially adapted for you and your individual needs. We will be attentive to your wishes before, during and after your stay at our centre, and we will do everything possible to adapt to your unique situation, taking all details into account. In order to guarantee this and maintain our quality, all our departments are part of a continuous assessment programme undertaken by the Cervantes Institute or la Q for Tourism Quality, and we also carry out our own internal audits..
  • University atmosphere. Our academic co-ordination is directly linked with the University of Cartagenawhich has a large number of students and exchange programmes.At Funcarele we welcome young Erasmus students who come to study in this city. Studying with us you can not only enjoy the superb installations of Cartagena University, including its libraries, study rooms, dining facilities, common rooms etc, but you can also integrate into the university atmosphere, take part in its fiestas and the wide array of activities programmed for students.
  • A small school means personal attention. We are a small school, a fact which enables us to get to know all our students and offer a warm, friendly and attentive service.Our class sizes are minimal, with a maximum of 12 students per class, although class sizes are normally limited to 6 pupils. In addition, our administrative centre will help you to resolve any issues relating to your stay, and offer advice about activities available within the Region of Murcia, towns which can be visited, etc.
  • An incomparable location. The school installations are in the heart of the historic zone of the city, within easy walking distance of everything: the three university campus, the Roman Theatre, the former cathedral, museums, tourist information offices, post office, theatres and exhibition rooms, the auditorium, train and bus station, shops, gyms, banks, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, as well as the atmospheric waterside area of Cartagena. In short, all of the tourism activity in Cartagena takes place around the location of Funcarele. No other form of transport is needed, from here everything can be reached on foot.
  • Without obligations or minimums. For intensive courses you can select the number of weeks you would like to attend without a minimum time period being imposed. The same rules apply for individual classes, you can start with just one class if you would like to. Nobody is obliged to buy our study material, for individual classes we can work with the text book to which you are accustomed.
  • Spanish online. Once your studies in Cartagena are concluded, you can continue to study Spanish with the same teacher from home. Yes, our Skype classes are just as effective and enjoyable as those undertaken in person. This way, you will never forget what you have learnt!
  • Free Spanish course for Erasmus students of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. All Erasmus students are entitled to 40 hours of Spanish tuition per semester free of charge (check course details for the University Community). Outside of the Erasmus programme, international students of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena will receive a 20% discount on all our courses.
  • Facilities suitable for all. We welcome those with disabilities, as all our buildings are perfectly equipped for the access of those with disabilities. Our classrooms are also adapted for left handed individuals. Internet and WiFi connection are free in all the spaces used.
  • Complementary services. Lodgings and complementary activities are carefully selected and evaluated continuously in order to offer you a wide range of services. We are also able to offer help in obtaining visas, collecting you from the airport, additional medical insurance, and postal and fax services.
  • Reasonable prices both in the school and the city. You will already have realised that the school offers very competitive prices, but you can also benefit from local pricing to acquire whatever services you require to enjoy Cartagena. Living, eating and going out in Cartagena is much cheaper than doing the same thing in large cities. A small city offers small prices!