Who are we

Spanish Language and Cultural Foundation of Cartagena

Welcome to FUNCARELE, your best option for learning Spanish in Cartagena.

We are an accredited Cervantes Institute Centre, where you will learn in a simple, friendly and practical fashion, and with the quality of tuition you’d expect.

You will have dedicated installations at your disposal in a privileged zone of the historic centre: The Palacio Molina and the Faculty of Business Sciences. Our academic co-ordination is linked to that of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena and the centre is supported by the Town Hall of Cartagena.

Here, just a few metres from the Mediterranean, you can enjoy marvellous cultural, historic and maritime surroundings, and have all the services offered by the University of Cartagena at your disposal: its libraries, internet zones, study rooms, dining facilities, and all the atmosphere of a university environment.


The Molina Palace / El Palacio Molina

This magnificent palace is our administrative centre and dates from the 18th and 19th centuries. It has modern classrooms, library, video room, staff room, exhibition hall, as well as Wi-fi connection in all areas. This is where you will be registered, sign up for the various activities taking place and resolve any queries throughout your stay in Cartagena.


The Faculty of Business Studies / La Facultad de Ciencias de la Empresa

This is a former mariners training facility and prison, and was built during the 18th century. This is the location of the Language Services Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena and the academic co-ordination division of our centre. It has fully equipped classrooms, study and reading rooms with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, library, dining room/cafeteria and an attractive courtyard.

Both buildings have full accessibility for those with mobility difficulties and are very close to each other, being just a 5 minute walk apart. Download a map


Teaching Staff

We are very proud of our teaching faculty. Our regular staff includes 6 top level teachers, of which our Academic Coordinator and 2 further personnel are also Spanish language teachers from the Language Services Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

During peak times of year the teaching staff expands according to the number of pupils. All of these are native Spanish speakers with university qualifications, specialised in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and with extensive experience.

All of the staff collaborate in the ongoing development, planning and implementation of the teaching programme of the centre; to ensure that staff are always up to date with the latest methodology and didactics, teachers attend annual training courses, undertake teaching observation classes and analyse pupil progress.

Each of the staff has worked hard to design a programme which will be efficient and interesting for you. Their dynamism, extrovert character and vocational motivation will ensure that they become your friends during, and after, your studies in Cartagena.