Trinity Examination Centre

Trinity College London Trinity College London is a leading international examinations board with a difference. Its reputation rests on its continuing ability to provide respected qualifications both in the English language and across a growing range of disciplines in the performing arts. But what sets us apart is our focus on the learner, every learner. This exams and assessments are designed to help students and trainees progress; to mark an achievement at each stage of their development, and at all levels of competence, on a journey towards fulfilment of their own individual talents and abilities. The Trinity examinations are related to the Common Europeans Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Trinity has over 70 years’ experience of setting standards in English language assessment. Half a million learners each year benefit from earning one of our qualifications, which are highly valued by colleges, universities and employers all over the world.

With a certificate from Trinity your English language skills will be recognised by colleges, universities and employers worldwide. ISE and GESE are recognised by many higher educational institutions around the world as evidence of English language ability.

FUNCARELE is a Trinity Registered Examination Centre since July 2010 and offer two examination sessions per year: May and December, as well as a preparation course for this examinations..

With us you can get the following certificates:

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