General Conditions for Enrolment:


For complete enrolment for any of the courses, participants must complete and send an enrolment form via fax, email, post or return in person to the Funcarele’s administration office.  Later, the participant will receive a confirmation of enrolment, his/her provisional booking on the course and will be made known of the total amount due.


The full payment must be made in Euros at least one week before the start of the course online at, by credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer to Funcarele’s bank account in  BANKIA bank:

IBAN CODE: ES32 2038 3012 93 6000094573

The transfer must clearly indicate the student’s full name to ensure identification. The student must assume any bank costs that may incur. Once the payment has been made, the student must give a copy of the transfer via fax, email, post or return in person to the Funcarele’s administration office.


The prices include enrolment, level assessment test and general information pack about Cartagena. The prices include tax and in cases where tax is not included, it will be clearly outlined. Funcarele reserves the right to modify prices on specific occasions and for precise reasons which will be transmitted to the student.


Cancellations can be made exclusively with 4 weeks prior notice with a cancellation fee of 30€. Regardless, any students that cancel before the start of the course will have the opportunity to reserve their place on a course within a year. Cancellations will only be accepted by those who have informed Funcarele via fax, email, letter or telegram.

All the courses, except for the One to One classes, require a minimum of five people (maximum of 12). The Foundation reserves the right to cancel a course or to change the schedule of the lessons if the number of students per group is less than the minimum amount required.


If a student leaves a course, having started it, he is not entitled to a refund. Participants will be able to reserve parts of the course which they have not done within a maximum span of one year.


Funcarele is not responsible for classes missed by students. In cases where classes have been missed due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances, students will be able to recover the classes by participating in similar courses, providing they can justify their absence.

Funcarele will remain closed on local and national holidays. Students will not have the right to recover missed classes for this reason. Extra-curricular activities can be arranged as an alternative. The one to one classes can be recovered if cancellation has been made with at least 24 hours prior notice.


The classes provided take into consideration timetables, number of students, levels and the conditions mentioned. Funcarele has the obligation to comply with these specified conditions, especially in reference to the maximum number of students per class, timetable and level. Students can apply to change courses or levels if this coincides with the teacher’s evaluation.


Underage students participating in any of the programmes must have authorization from their parents or official guardians. They must agree to allow Funcarele to be responsible for arranging timetables, activities and discipline for their children.


Funcarele reserves the right to request a participant to abandon the programme for lack of discipline. This extreme measure will involve a loss of any payments previously made by the participant. Students must follow instructions indicated by the organization, respecting teachers, monitors and fellow classmates.


Funcarele is not responsible for time loss not attributed to the education centre, loss of money and other possessions which can affect the participant throughout the duration of the programme. Funcarele can provide medical insurance on demand.


Funcarele will accept applications from disabled students and will do everything in its power to aid students wanting to come to study in Spain.


The user will have to fill in forms with information which is genuine, exact, complete and up-to-date. Funcarele reserves the right to deny use of its services to users who register with false information, without prejudice to any subsequent legal action. Personal date provided will form part of the Funcarele’s data base. The user authorizes the use of this personal date which has been voluntarily provided to render the services entrusted. Also, the user renders his consent to receive publicity mailing with regards to new services and offers by any means including email. Moreover the user gives his consent to Funcarele to disperse his data to any associates and collaborators, such as other companies, physical or judicial bodies with whom agree to improve the service and respect Spanish legislation regarding data protection.