Learning Spanish at home is possible. Do you have Skype?

Languages continue to hold an indispensable place in our future, but what is certain is that no matter how much we want to, we don´t always have the time to dedicate ourselves to learning them. Besides which, the current economic situation does not always allow us to travel to the country of origin where we can speak with native speakers and undergo full immersion in our chosen language.

Long distance private tuition via Skype has been a reality for several years and we have been offering these courses at Funcarele from April of this year. It’s a comfortable way of learning as there is a native language speaking teacher on the other side of the screen, who can be heard and communicated with as well as in a classroom situation, and we also use a virtual whiteboard and support platforms to undertake the necessary activities.

You can connect from your office, home or any other location with Internet connection you can fit a programme into your own schedule, and also select the subjects which you would like to study.

Many of the students who have studied Spanish with us in Cartagena opt to continue studying with the same Spanish teacher from their countries of origin.

Individual Skype classes are more economical than those held in person, and cost 18 euros per hour.

And soon you´ll be able to prepare for the DELE long distance as well, but that news is for another day.

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