Accommodation in Cartagena during your Spanish course

You will feel as though you are at home

If you need accommodation during your Spanish studies in Cartagena, don´t worry, we will help you to feel at home.

We choose our accommodation with a great deal of care and monitor its quality on a regular basis. Select which type of lodging you would like:


Sharing your stay with a Spanish family is the best option to completely submerge yourself in the language and local culture, and offers the opportunity to practise in the real life situations learnt in class. You will participate in an active manner in daily family life, sharing breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

Living with a family does not necessarily mean losing your independence as you´ll have your own set of keys, although you will be expected to respect the normal rules and customs of the host family. The majority of our families live within walking distance of the school, but during summer some of them go to the beach, so if you would like to live by the seashore of the Mediterranean, you can specifically request this.

Host families can be with or without children, single parent families or a married couple, but all will receive you as a family member, and your relationship with these families will last well past your stay in Cartagena.

Price: 155 euros per person, per week.

Includes: Full board and weekly laundry.

No deposit required.


The flats which have been selected are in the historic centre of Cartagena, just a 2 minute walk from the installations of the Foundation. They have a fully equipped kitchen, a well sized lounge-diner, television, bathroom, washing machine etc. The flats are fully equipped with all the utensils for cooking and cleaning as well as a set of sheets.

Flats of 1 or 2 bedrooms, with capacity for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people. If you would like to share a flat, then this can be arranged, with Spanish or foreign students. Whatever you decide, we will interview your flatmates previously to choose those which will be most compatible in terms of tastes and preferences.

Price: from 125 euros per person, per week.

Deposit – half or whole month depending on the duration of the stay.

Electric and water not included.


In Cartagena there are two university residences, Alberto Colao and Calle Caballero, but these are only available during the summer as the pupils of Cartagena University have preference throughout the rest of the year.

As well as their role of student lodgings, these constitute a cultural focus and a forum for various activities, within an environment of respect and spirit of freedom and democratic communal living. There are individual rooms with washbasins internally and bathrooms externally, as well as some rooms with a private bathroom inside.

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Prices: From 175 euros per person per week.

No deposit required.


Funcarele has a special agreement with the major hotels in Cartagena to offer students the best comfort at unbeatable prices. Amongst these hotels are: Carlos III, Alfonso XIII, Los Habaneros, NH, Hotel Cartagonova, etc. There are other more economical options available in hostels such as the Cartagenera or Balcones Azules.

Prices: From 60 euros per room per day.

Breakfast included.

Lunch or dinner 12 euros per day.

Booking lodgings

Accommodation has to be booked at least 15 days in advance (1 month for university residences) via our administrative office: Deposits must be paid in advance and will be returned on your departure. Students should bring their own towels.

The age difference between students sharing a double room will not be more than 3 years.

In the case that students are not completely happy with the lodgings provided, we will undertake to find another with the characteristics requested, until you are completely happy with the accommodation provided.