Learning a language should not just be limited to the classroom, it is important to understand its social, cultural and historical context. It’s important that our students get to know the city in which they are studying well, for which reason we are constantly organising guided visits to the historic centre, to museums and other places of interest. Excursions are also available to other cities such as Granada, Toledo, Málaga, Seville and Barcelona.

The Foundation also has a programme of extra-academic activities which includes conversation classes, reading workshops, cultural conferences, cinema in original versions etc.

Popular activities:
  1. Sport: Ilusion Sport Centre offers gym, supervised activities, tennis, football, paddle, multipurpose court, swimming pool, physiotherapy, etc. All in the heart of the city. Special prices for our students..
  2. T-LA: Alternative free time.
  3. UPCT: A selection of activities undertaken by the Cartagena Polytechnic University.
  4. Coffee and conversation in Spanish: the first Friday of each month.
  5. Lista completa de posibles actividades.
Cultural Agenda: 12 months, 12 reasons to get to know Cartagena

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