III Jornadas de formación para profesores ELE

Mi tesoro, el español. Te esperamos el 10 y 11 de agosto.

A wide range of activities for 12 months of the year

Kayaking, walking, sailing, golf, tennis, diving, excursions…

Visit us, get to know us and enjoy yourself

Continue learning during your free time

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

The best facilities are at your disposal


A little known destination which will surprise you

Always communicating in Spanish: both inside and outside of the classroom


Enjoy the best prize winning beaches in Spain

Just a few kilometres from the city centre


More than 300 days of sun a year!

Enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate


This is the course you were looking for!

The best option to learn Spanish in Cartagena

Spanish is all the rage. Learn it with us!

Spanish is the second most studied language in the world with more than 495 million speakers

This is Cartagena. Don´t miss out on it

There is history on every corner, many people have lived here in the past

The Mediterranean… More than just a sea!

Get to know its character, feel its warmth

This is Cartagena

Are you going to miss out on it?

The warmth of the Mediterranean
However you are, from wherever you come, and no matter what you like, this location is guaranteed to have something especially for you.


Visit us and enjoy yourself!

Learning a language should not just be limited to the classroom
Cultural visits, excursions, conversation clubs, reading workshops, cultural conferences, cinema in original versions etc.

Student Handbook

Practical tips

If you have chosen Cartagena as your destination to learn Spanish,
you will need a little more practical information.This manual contains a lot of useful information about your programme.

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